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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know. Speaking both to the depths of this site and of this life. A true gift I carry is the gift of presence, which is felt in all expressions of me and the crafts I provide. Check them out!

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Are you ready to experience life differently?

In service, I am a mirror, channel, friend, professional, sister, and another human who keeps it real. My unique gift that I bring to this work is a deep and powerful sense of presence. Each soul who chooses to enter this field with me, can be fully seen and heard. Experience life differently. In this neoteric form of coaching, I combine the esoteric world with everyday life.


What does Divine Spirit have to say about it?

Divine Spirit manifests itself in many ways. When I am reading Tarot, Energy, Runes, or any other form of divination I may see visions or colors, and hear phrases or words from other realms. My highly-evolved Empathy plays into my psychic abilities because I can connect to each individual and receive messages that way too. Angels, ghosts, and Spirits have been a part of my life since I was 4. I enter each reading holding space for love only and allow what needs to come through to come through.


Are you in need of healing?

You are already whole, complete, and perfect as you are. What may or may not be getting in the way of that truth, is where the 'work' lies. When one heals  themselves, they heal the world. I provide healing services that are either in person, a workshop setting, or self-led.

I truly believe ANY and ALL of my services provide a frequency of healing. Whatever you are most drawn to, is what may be most needed.

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