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When did you know?

I was 4 years old sitting inside alone watching t.v. when I noticed something in front of the window that looked like a person. I pretended to continue to watch the show but was really STARING at this spot in front of the window. I saw my Nana whom had just passed and we communicated. I remember every detail as if it was yesterday.

The connection I share with Spirit is something that has been alive within and around me ever since. Throughout my childhood, I spoke with Angels, Trees, Animal Spirits, and other souls whom have left this plane to enter another. From these interactions I have gained wisdom, and my versatile life experiences allow me to connect with a variety of humans in an intimate fashion. I am humbled by my vast experiences and wear vulnerability with honor. This all comes hand in hand to years of trauma + isolation, which also grew me closer to Spirit.

My message for this world is that we are all perfect and everything is here|happening to serve our souls. My presence carries its own message of peace, inviting others into presence and lighting whatever may be resting in the shadows, while leaving no space for anything but authenticity. I am here in service to influence this era towards self-acceptance, love, and genuine happiness.

My deepest work is done in Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Readings, and in Ceremony. Please take a moment to look through how I can bestow this work to you. It would be an honor to share space with you virtually or maybe even in person at an event! Thank you for being here. My wish is that you receive and allow yourself to expand in heart, mind, soul, and experience. It is your birth rite to enjoy life.

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Who are my Biggest Inspirations right now?

Caty Pasternak

Caty Pasternak

Caty Pasternak


This is Caty Pasternak. The way that she is able to tune into Divine Spirit and translate this to others, is mind blowing. So are the transmissions, themselves! I would like to learn how to step into my Divine Feminine Leadership through this Goddess. Caty also shows me that it is more than okay to be a full-spectrum human who twerks and can also hold deep space in Ceremony. I love you sister!

Adam Roa

Caty Pasternak

Caty Pasternak


This is Adam Roa. Everything he does in the world + for the world, is what I reach to achieve. Adam shows me that life is art and that it is possible to create everything your heart desires and soul is guided to, successfully too. He has a Podcast, YouTube Show, Books, Online Courses and Community, is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Performer, and oh yeah- he's recently started to produce music! 


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