The Magic of the Moon

What does it all mean?

Have you ever looked up at the Moon and even just for a second thought, ‘Wow’?!’ In that moment, perhaps you realized things are so much bigger than you. The planets are all moving together as one system: Our Solar System. which rests above us in another plane of this reality. We move as one, completing patterns and cycles. The Moon is one of those circular patterns or cycles.

The gravitational pull of the moon causes waves and tide in Planet Earth’s waters. Similar to the Earth, humans are composed of 60-70% water and are influenced similarly too.

When one takes the time to connect to what is happening around them, play with the Universe, serve their Highest Good, and raise their vibration- a more illuminated vibration will by proxy be drawn into focus.

The Magic of the Moon is here to help us live in our dream lives.

Moon Ceremony

Ceremony is an intimate space that you can create individually or in community. The space is designed as an honoring of an individual's or the collective's present experience. With the Moon being the magical mother that it is, this is an opportune time to focus energy and honor the cycles|phases of life, deeply. This is a simple way to play with Ceremony too, shall you be new to it. No experience is necessary. You can purchase a generalized New or Full Moon Ceremony here (coming soon) or request a Custom Ceremony (this doesn’t have to be Moon-Based either) here.

I highly recommend bringing Ceremony into your life as much as possible because this invites in more presence, intent, awareness, and cultivation of your deepest desires.

Everything has the power to be Ceremonious.

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